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Here is How to:


Remember, physical sunscreens don’t absorb into the skin but instead, they form a protective layer on top of the skin reflecting the UV rays. Make sure your skin is clean, free of sand, dirt or debris. Can be applied over wet skin, anyhow, applying over dry, clean skin is recommended. Apply a thick visible layer across exposed skin. Colder temperatures may turn your sunscreen a little firm, keep it somewhere warm & work it to soften. The warmth will get it going.



Our Face Stick rubs smoothly, follow the contour of your face applying a visible layer making sure you cover all areas exposed. No need to use your hands for spread it out but feel free to do if needed. No need to wait before you go out or get wet, works immediately after application.

Our Face+Body formula is lighter and more buttery like. Dig in with your fingers; take enough amounts to cover desired areas. If it feels a little firm, work it out on your hands to soften. Rub it and spread with your whole hand over desired area (it makes it easier that way). Make sure you always leave a visible layer of sunscreen over exposed skin. No need to wait before you go out or get wet, works immediately after application.

It is always recommended to reapply sunscreen every 2 hrs or as required. Nonetheless, our formula performs like no other; it can keep you covered for long sessions with ease, if you can see it, it means is working. Make sure you don’t rub it off with your hands, wetsuit, or towel while still exposed to the sun, if so reapply. 



When removing sunscreen after use, wipe it softly with a reusable face cloth or towel.  Keep in mind that our sunscreens have a tint, for which a designated cloth is recommended. Wet wipes do a good job but most of them are packed with toxic chemicals and they are difficult to biodegrade. In general, they are pollution for our environment, so if you prefer to use wipes instead, please make sure they are organic & biodegradable.

Our formula doesn’t clog pores and keeps your skin moist & soothe, so it’s ok if you just leave it on for the rest of the day.