Vegan Formula: Candelilla wax


Candelilla shrub (Euphorbia Cerifera) is an upright, leafless growing succulent about two feet tall that spreads slowly by suckering from the base to form large clumps. A true desert plant, it grows in bunches and prefers hot, dry conditions and well-drained calciferous soils. It is most commonly found in abundance in Southern US and Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, and was traditionally harvested to make candles, giving its name ‘little candle’.

Candelilla wax is a complex vegetal substance, comprising a complex of natural wax esters. The hard and brittle wax from the plant is a natural, multifunctional, vegetable wax. Its color can range from light brown to yellow depending on the plant selected, growing conditions and crafting process. It has a floral, moderately pleasant sweet smell, which is distinctive and mild.

Because of its high ester, fatty acid and resin properties it is a great ingredient in skincare applications and is a vegan alternative to Beeswax.

Most of the components of Candelilla wax are naturally found in vegetables and fruits. Its chemical composition is characterised by a high hydrocarbon content (around 50%) and a relatively low amount of volatile esters. It is highly adhesive, its resin content can reach 40% by weight, a major factor contributing to its sticky consistency.

Candelilla wax is rich in nutrients and easily absorbed into the skin, allowing it to act as a barrier and help prevent moisture loss. It also works to bind ingredients together, whilst creating a workable texture. When applied to the skin It reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, scaly skin and stretch marks.

Candelilla wax can reach high levels of brilliance and it is insoluble in water which makes it an excellent water resistant. There are no known concerns with this ingredient; it is considered safe, non-toxic and a non-irritant.

SOULAR ORGANICS use 100% Pure, Wild Harvested and Sustainably crafted Candelilla wax.

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